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We have always been told that 10th and 12th are the major turning points in a student’s life. But, as students, we may feel otherwise not feel that 12th is much more important compared to 10th. And at this age students might not know about all the options available to them and the courses with good careers. It is one of the best times to go for career counselling and discover their strengths, weakness and careers that they might be very good at. Because every student decides to make a major turn towards particular careers. They might often be in the confusion of “should I take science after 10th? or commerce after 10th? Maybe I should go with humanities or arts after 10th. Should I take up a diploma after 10th? If so, an engineering diploma or medical diploma?”. It will surely be a very confusing and difficult point in the student’s life. It will help the students make wise decisions instead of following the paths that their friends take blindly or due to peer pressure, which is very common if the students and their parents do not know about the latest trends and options in education. It is very natural for the young minds of the students to be confused and not know what they want to do in their futures and career counselling right after 10th will help them discover their true passion. Because if the students are career counselled right after 10th board exams, they might make intelligent and good career choices rather than take up the courses that go with the flow. In today’s competitive world, it is important to make your own waves and reach your own end goal rather than being a part of mass products in search of jobs.

It will also tell them a few major things that will help them sail smoothly towards their dream career

  • To take up 11th and 12th (PUC) or to go for diploma after 10th?
  • What is the top suitable career choice for me?
  • A personalised career path with a plan
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Methods of improvement
  • Exclusive study habits, preparation strategies and techniques for their career path
  • Latest trends in higher education and career
  • Job options available in the career of their choice

Firstly, the students along with their parents will have to decide after viewing the result of the student’s career counselling test based on their strengths, weaknesses and interest; if they will choose to take up science stream, commerce stream or arts stream after 10th. Then they have to choose if they wish to take up a diploma course in engineering or medical line instead of going to the normal 10 +2 line of education because for some careers taking up a diploma course after 10th over students a better theoretical and practical knowledge to the subject. They will also have a better hold and experience than the others to get a good job in their field of choice.

Eduprov is one of the best career counselling centre and admission experts in Bangalore. The expert career counsellors at Eduprov will help you and your child figure out what is the best option for them after 10th. The admission experts and counsellors will also help in the admission process for the higher education of your child.

We have curated a long list of possible courses and here are some of the popular courses after 10th are as follows –

  • 10+2 or PUC in science stream
    • with biology, math or computer science?
  • 10+2 or PUC in commerce stream
    • with maths or without maths?
  • 10+2 or PUC in arts stream
  • engineering diploma
  • ITI – fitter, welder, mechanic, machinist, stenographer etc
  • Diploma in interior designing
  • diploma in garment technology
  • Diploma in beauty culture and hair dressing
  • Diploma in personal secretary practice
  • Diploma in farm management and animal husbandry
  • Diploma in agriculture
  • Diploma in civil engineering
  • Diploma in chemical engineering
  • Diploma in polymer technology
  • Diploma In Medical Records Technology
  • Diploma In Dialysis Technology
  • Diploma In Operation Theatre Technology
  • Diploma In Ophthalmic Technology
  • Diploma In Dental Mechanic
  • Diploma In Dental Hygiene
  • Diploma in computer science engineering
  • Diploma in Information Science engineering
  • Diploma in Environmental engineering.
  • Diploma in Public Health engineering.
  • Diploma in Water Tech
  • Diploma in Health Sciences
  • Diploma in Textile Technology
  • Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering
  • Diploma in Mining Engineering
  • Diploma in Ceramics Technology
  • Diploma in Biotechnology
  • Diploma In Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Diploma IN Medical X-Ray Technology
  • Diploma In Health Inspector

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