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Bachelor of Law, the law that stands for unbiased nature. Last year, in a newspaper it was seen that India is growing in many of its sectors and the most glorious future of law students is there as the overture of many other law courses are there that are recently added to the branch of law. One of the most important exams for the law is CLAT, which opens the door to the law career and one can directly pursue it after class 12th. The ambiance of law study is awesome as there are many intriguing things that one can love to study and the law course also demands the shrewdness and quality of molding the situations to get the whole case in your hand.

Mainly, the name is Bachelor of law, but this course is opted after one has completed its graduation. After graduation, one can pursue this course and can study about different laws. This course is about 3 years and after that, if one has the desire of studying more then can go for the LLM that is the post-graduation degree in Law. For the law, there are many renowned colleges in India that are quite famous as they offer such aura of studying that no one has ever been thought of. This is the only reason, why people preparing for the law courses after graduation just pay enough attention for government colleges. In law, there are many specializations like criminal law, corporate law, Space Law, Cyber Law and much more than one can choose corresponding to his/her liking.

Law is a broad subject that doesn’t have any particular arena. That is a reason why people studying Law have great observation and argumentative skills. The skill of speaking, as well as a skill to practice law can take you beyond your horizon.

Eligibility for Bachelor of Law-

As this course is opted after graduation, one needs to have few stipulating things in the eligibility part and that is-

  1. The matter of age limit is under dispute right now as Bar Council of India (BCI )has introduced many changes in their norm. Earlier in the 5-year law course, the minimum age was 20 and for 3-year law course the minimum maximum age was 30 years old. Right now, this matter is under consideration.
  2. If applying for 3-year law course, one needs to have an aggregate of 50% in graduation (any stream) from a recognized university. For the 5-year law course, one needs to pass the high school and intermediate.

Scope of the course from national and international point of view-

Right now, the number of cases pending in the court is too much; there is an extreme demand for good lawyers to fight the cases so that they can put an end to the pending cases. The scope is quite good, but it is good for those who know how to mold the situation. Studying law is different and practicing it quite different. For being a good lawyer one need to be shrewd enough and must have the capacity of learning and nice observation. If you have the good observation power and know how to present a situation and also possess the good argumentative skills, then you can easily imagine a burgeoning future in the field of law. From the international point of view, the course is also good as it has been seen that most of the people, who are in overseas opt the law course as this offers a promising future to them.

Salary and placement-

If you complete your degree from a recognized and renowned university, then you can expect to get placed in a firm or company with the minimum package of 3 lakhs per annum. You can also assist a high practitioner and can get experienced as well as nice salary. Else you can also sit in the court for practicing and can earn good amount there as well.

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