This course is derived from the Ancient Astronomy thus have a wide range of scope in higher studies related to Astronomy. Physics a branch of science that everyone from India will learn from their mid school, this is one of the subjects where we can experience the things that we study and it consist with lots of experiments which will be fun and adventurous. In B.Sc. Physics the candidate will learn the advanced version what they learnt from their school days. In this job-oriented course the candidate will learn about the various features of physics, such as energy, mass, light, Acoustics, kinetics, etc.  Everything that one learns in this course will be related to the things that happen in our day to day life.

In B.Sc. Physics one would learn subjects such as electromagnetism, classical mechanics, theory of relativity, properties of matter, kinetic theory, semiconductors, wave optics, etc..

This is basically a job-oriented course and has various job opportunities. One can also opt for higher studies in different specializations. Apart from the job opportunities this is an interesting course where one can know about the fabulous inventions in the world and also provides a great opportunity to make one’s own invention. This course has the advantage of space exploration. Yes!! If you love to know more about space or interested in researching about the space then you can opt for this course. By which after completion one can enter into astrophysics in master’s astrophysics.

Eligibility Criteria

To get avail in the course a candidate should pass 10+2 examination with Chemistry, Physics, and Math. The duration of completion of this program is 3 years. The candidate must have secured minimum 50% marks in the higher secondary level examination. Certain universities and institutions conduct an entrance exam for admission. The information about the Top institutions in India that offers B.Sc. Physics along with the admission procedure can be obtained from the experts of EDUPROV where the doors are always open to help.

Scope of B.Sc. Physics

After completion of B.Sc. Physics one can enter into various interesting disciplines for higher studies which leads to high designation such as astrophysics, quanta-physics, biophysics, geophysics, nuclear physics, etc.  Apart from the core discipline one can opt for MBA too. The job option for this course is available throughout the globe. The job types include Lab Supervisor, instructor, Professor, Scientist, Consultant Physics, Research associate, etc.

Overseas opportunity for higher studies and research is high after completion of this course. One can do research in countries, like USA, Australia, Russia and France, where the scope for the researcher is high. One can also work as a teacher, professor or a physicist which will provide more income compared to the home nation.

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