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Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science or B.Sc. Forensic Science is a three-year undergraduate Forensic Science course that helps various departments. Forensic Science profession is a crime and laboratory-based profession. But this profession is also used in civil cases for issues like proving the validity of a signature on a will, to a claim of the products liability etc.  This course mainly deals with the most scientific ways to explore the crime or activities related to it with the help of forensic data.

The forensic Science course covers many subjects such as Law & Criminal Behaviour, Introduction to Criminology, Crime and Socio-Cultural & Psychological Factors, Behavioural Science, Physical Evidence in Forensic Science, Phenolphthalein Test, Blood Pattern analysis, Species Identification, Forensic Anthropology, and DNA Fingerprinting etc.

Eligibility Criteria

The students who have passed in class 10+2 with minimum 60% marks from a recognized board with the subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Biochemistry, Microbiology are eligible for this course. One who completed certain other courses like B. Pharm, BDS and B.Sc. Applied science are also eligible to pursue this course. The admission procedure differs from one institution to another where some may have entrance and some may not.

Scope of B.Sc. Forensic Science

One who opt for this course has a wide open in sectors like defence, police department, etc.  There are several options available for the persons who opt for this course. Different specializations are available in case of higher studies. The added advantage is it can be completed earlier with low course fees compared to other professional courses.

After getting the degree in the B.Sc. Forensic Science, they can work as a crime scene investigator, forensic anthropologists, forensic pathologist, forensic chemist, trace evidence analyst and forensic psychologists. Graduates can work with State & Central Government Departments of criminal investigation and law enforcement. Candidates are also working with private detective agencies who work along with the government.

They explore well internationally where they can work in a research environment and can acquire knowledge of forensic analysis methods and innovations in depth and also gain valuable experience from real-life casework.

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