Chemistry is the study of properties and composition of matter and their interactions. B.Sc. Chemistry or Bachelor of Science in Chemistry is an undergraduate degree course and its duration is 3years. B.Sc. Chemistry deals with the process of separation, identification, and quantification of the chemical components as well as the changes during chemical reactions. Analytical methods of chemistry may require measuring physical quantities of the analytics such as light absorption, fluorescence or conductivity.

One who opt for this course will attain the knowledge in the subjects like Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry along with the practical experience, Chemical Kinetics, Catalysis & Solid State Chemistry, Chemistry of Polymers, and Chemistry of Synthetic Drugs, etc. It is a physical science which covers various substances, atoms, molecules and the concepts of energy and entropy in the relation of chemical processes.

Eligibility Criteria

The Student should have a minimum qualification in 10+2 with science subjects including chemistry. Students must have passed 10+2 with at least 50% marks from a recognized board. Students can take direct admission or through entrance exam depending upon the institutions they select to do this course. The information about the Top institutions in India that offers B.Sc. Chemistry and the information about how to get into those institutions along with the admission procedure can be obtained from the experts of EDUPROV. The highly dedicated professionals will guide you in each and every process and will help you to get into the course

Scope of B.Sc. Chemistry

After successful completion of B.Sc. Chemistry course, students can go for M.Sc. in Chemistry. Apart from M.Sc. Chemistry they also can opt for MBA if they are interested in business. Graduates can get lots of jobs in this field like Analytical & Production Chemist, Biomedical Chemist, Chemical Engineering Associate, Industrial Research Scientist, Lab Chemist, Safety, Health & Environment Specialist etc. Some students can opt teaching profession in this field. One can also become a Government/Private Teacher/Lecturer in Schools/College/University upon completing certain degrees for educating. Further more information regarding the employment areas and the job types which are available in the nation and overseas can be obtained from us. At EDUPROV one can get the up to date information. And we will always try to resolve your queries and fulfil your dream to get into the course.

Candidates with industrial experience of a minimum of 2 to 3 years are most wanted abroad and they can apply for jobs abroad and can get good explorer. Oil companies in gulf countries provide job opportunities for Chemistry candidates. An opportunity for higher education is also good in several countries overseas.

Why you need us?

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