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B.Sc. Botany or Bachelor of Science in Botany is an undergraduate Botany Course that helps one to know more about the miracles of nature (i.e.) plants. Botany, plant science or plant biology is a branch of biology that involves the scientific study of plants, algae, and fungi. The duration of this course is three-year. If you are the one who love plants and like to understand their language and interested to know what happens in them then this is the apt course for you. You can understand, communicate and research about them once after completing this course.

B.Sc. Botany the bond with the plants deals with the study of plants and their physiology, anatomy, chemical properties, metabolism, and reproduction, etc.. The main aim of this program is to the scientific discoveries and many practical experiences to get a real knowledge of all the theoretical concepts. Our world completely depends on the nature and we humans mainly depend on plants. So studying about plats is always worth both economically and practically. This course has a wide option for research and has good scope.

This degree covers many subjects such as Diversity of Microbes, Cell Biology, Diversity of Archegoniate, Genetics, Plant Anatomy, Plant Embryology, and Physiology etc.

Eligibility Criteria

The minimum qualification to apply for B.Sc. Botany is 50% marks in 10+2 with Science Stream. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are the main subjects which are required for getting into this course. Entrance exam is not required in most of the institutions, but in some exceptional cases, some institutions conduct entrance exams for selecting the deserving candidates. But in that case you don’t need to worry how to crack the entrance with us by your side. Yeah!! EDUPROV will help you. Experts from EDUPROV will guide you to crack the exam. And we will be by your side till you get into the course right from the initial to the final step that includes counselling too. We will provide you the latest updates about the institutions and the procedure with our up to date database. 

Scope of B.Sc. Botany

The scope of B.Sc. Botany is very wide. Graduates of this course have lots of job opportunities in various fields like Research Organizations, Herbal Product Companies, Farm Management Organizations, and Biotechnology Firms. Graduates of this course can work as a plant scientist in the State Departments, Botanical Survey of India, and Environmental Protection Agency etc. One can also opt for Master’s too.

Candidate can work as a Biological Technician, plant explorers, environment consultants, molecular biologist, taxonomist; plant pathologist and farming consultant etc. The research option in abroad is high in this course.

Why you need us?

EDUPROV mean to offer instructive encounters. We guide you with complete accomplishment where you will know 100% details of the course and can get assistance from the EDUPROV professional at each and every step in the process of getting into the course. We focus on giving student support with regards to best practices for separation training. We grasp these standards when settling on the day by day choices and growing long haul objectives in education. Execution of these objectives will safeguard accomplishment of goals for today, tomorrow, and forever.

Development is an important word for EDUPROV. EDUPROV mean to offer instructive encounters which give genuine understudy learning – advance information and aptitude – great quality projects. We aim to give personal backing to permit staff to concentrate on showing and learning versus regulatory assignments and specialized concerns. We focus on giving student support with regards to best practices for separation training. Simply, we assist you to get into the course you strive to learn.

EDUPROV’s expert guidance are intended to offer you some assistance with keeping side by side of the most recent information and systems. By selecting the program which suits your needs, you may pick up the upside of a job application than a lesser qualified hopeful. Flexibility is one more of the numerous advantages of EDUPROV. At EDUPROV, we will guide you in the right path to achieve your goal. The team of experts from EDUPROV will assist you regarding the colleges that provide B. Sc in Botany and the list top ranked colleges. We will assist you in your entrance examination if any and help you in Admission in Top Colleges in Bangalore. The experts from EDUPROV will help you in all your queries and will be with you throughout the journey of getting admission. We are available at any time to help you throughout the process of getting into the course.

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